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February 12, 2016

Today I am working on a slide show movie about my high school daze.  This sure does dredge up memories for me.  Even though I was not allowed to do anything, I still had a good time.  Well, most of the time.  For me there were no after school activities, no football games, certainly no proms or dating or school dances. No riding home in a car with friends, drive in movies IF my brother went with me and NO boys.  No sweet sixteen party, no parties at all. The only thing my Mom really did for me was buy my yearbooks, my class ring (which was promptly stolen) and my graduation and senior pictures.  I was lucky for that at least. 

But did I have fun?  You bet I did.  I had friends, I was outgoing and didn't care much who liked me and who didn't.  I had a group of friends, who were mostly like me and we talked and hung out and went to classes together.

So, I've been involved in planning my class reunions for many years.  This is my 7th.  I work hard to keep us all together and in contact.  Thank God for Facebook.   Before that, it was snail mail and email.  This will be our 50th reunion. Lord love a duck, how did this happen?  I am still involved but only in communication and techy techy stuff.   The movie I am attempting will be all about us growing up and going to school.  Old reunions and graduation.  

One of the things I organized that I am most proud of, is the granite bench we had had engraved and dedicated to Billy Martin.  Billy gave his life in Vietnam in 1968.  The bench is still there, under the flagpole in front of the school  It was paid for by THS Class of 1966.  If you are ever there, go by and see it.

I miss Margie.  Margie was involved in every reunion ever planned for our class.  She was more dedicated than anyone I know.  And she knew everything about everyone.  If you wanted to know who married who and when and how many children they had and where they lived and what their parents and siblings were up to, you asked Margie.  Her health was not good the last 10 years and it was a struggle for her to walk.  She never gave up.  Rest in Peace Margie.  In my heart, I dedicate this 50 year reunion to you and Joe Lee for all the work you've done. 

Life goes on here on the beach. I have no deep thoughts or philosophical outpourings, just an old gal with a parrot and a wee dog in condo by the sea.  One day at a time.