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Daily Junk

STOP comparing us to Nazi Germany

by Charlotte Carlile on 01/28/19

I saw a meme today on FB, and not the first one that compares what is going on in our nation to Nazi Germany.  Lord love a duck.  If the people posting this crap knew their history, they would not not be posting this stuff. 

No one is restricting free speech.  Do not blame Facebook either, it's a private company with Terms of Service and you agree to it.  You can stand on any street corner and protest all you want, it's being done every single day. You can publish whatever you want and distribute it.  You can even spout treasonous crap and no one does anything, so just keep on blabbing, no one is stopping you and keep on publishing fake news and garbage.
No one is taking your guns.  Nor will they.  It's a constitutional right to bear arms.  Oh they might try, but those in power surely are smart enough to know how prohibition went over.  And how illegal drugs are going over now.  Please. If guns were outlawed in this nation, it would cause another entire class of criminals, gunrunners.  Not penny ante stuff like stolen guns out of a car trunk, but ships from overseas with every kind of weapon available with no control whatsoever and a new kind of 'mob'.  
The Nazis instituted nationalized health care.  Well, so did the UK and they are not Nazis.  Nationalized health care is not free.  I've seen it and experienced it in Wales and though it's not bad, you will not get the level of care you get here.  The citizens pay a hefty health tax to cover it and no frills.  Plus, where would all those people be when they can't sue the government for medical malpractice.  The bottom line is that we caused the high cost of health care in this country. Medical malpractice insurance eats up the medical professionals and hospitals.  Personally, I think Doctors, Nurses and all health care professionals should make a great living, they went to school long enough for it and work hard for it.  
Religion.  This country was founded and based on Christianity and it's up to you to embrace it, or not.  It is your right.  Separation of Church and state is important, still.  Worship as you choose, but stop trying to blame the lack of others believing as you do for what is going on today. It's not religion, it's GREED that is killing our nation.  
Yes we do need a big shakeup in our capitol.  Like term limits and across the board tax and no income tax.  But as long as we sit on our asses and do nothing about it, all we can do is bellyache on Facebook and blame everyone else. 
As far as Hitler is concerned, here is a little history lesson for you.  Did you know the we, the good old red white and blue USA created Hitler?  Well, we created the atmosphere for him to come to power. After WWI, the allies, and especially us and France imposed hardships on Germany with the Versailles Treaty.  There were over 400 articles in it that took parts of Germany and imposed BILLIONS of dollars in fines so they could never dig their way out.  Then the depression hit.  Germany was hit the hardest.  People were starving and there was no work.
So, along comes this firebrand that is promising jobs and food for them.  Through brilliant oratory, he won them.  After the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, he knew he had to win them with words and votes, and he did.  He brought Germany up.  He put them to work and fed them.  He said to hell with the Versailles Treaty and built up the military.  He did great things.  People loved him.
He blamed the Jews for the Versaille 
Treaty.  He blamed them and the Communists for selling out his country (his adoptive Country).   Anyway, his mind was poisoned with it and his ultimate goal was revenge and the genocide of an entire race of people in Europe. It was the most horrid time in modern history. Only Stalin killed more of his own people.  Hitler is reviled today and believe me, neither the Democrats or the Republicans in any way resemble the Nazi Party.  
Whether I agree with all his policies or not, I support the president, I support the government and my country.  I support the Veterans and active military.  Would I like to see changes?  You bet I would.  And the only way I have is through my vote. 

Another Day in Paradise

by Charlotte Carlile on 01/21/19

Another year in the works and I'll be another year older in a few months.  It goes by pretty quick.  I'm so looking forward to Daytona Bike Week this year, not just for the biking activities, but my cousin Peggy is coming to visit.  She's been in my life since I first drew breath and I'll always treasure her.  Anyway not much else going on.  

I'm still working on being healthy.  I've now lost 55 pounds and have about 5 more to go.  That last 5 is hanging on for dear life and it's a struggle to get it off.  I know I could buckle down, really cut out some of the things I eat, but I simply don't want to. I just don't.  I'm not doing low carb or keto or any other money making scheme, I'm just counting my calories and loosely following WW.  I've fought my weight my entire life and will continue that struggle until I'm six feet under.  It's hell being little.  I may be chubby, but I'm little, and gettin 'littler'. I used to be 5'2" and now I'm 5' even.  So now I also have to work on my bone density.  Which, by the way, I have increased.   I swim an hour 3 to 4 times a week and walk.  It certainly helps. 

I had a blast on the Queen Mary II with my sister, but was a disappointed in the Ancestry part of it.  It certainly is not a 'party boat'.  It is elegant and veddy veddy British.  Great shows and activities and the food was outstanding.  Better than any cruise ship I've ever been on.  I'd like to cruise again with them. 

I'm trying to navigate and learn how to use this blog, and at least make it readable. LOL

So, until something interesting happens here on the beach, I'll sign off for today.  

I'm back

by Charlotte Carlile on 06/19/18

Well, I don't know how this is going to show up.  I'm trying to set up a blog on my site just for daily junk.  I can't find it on the site, so this is just to get started.

August 10, 2014

by Charlotte Carlile on 08/10/14

It's a beautiful day here on Daytona Beach.  Just goofing around the website, trying to figure it out. Hope your day is going well.